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Top Online Business Niches for a Lucrative Venture

What online business niches should I consider? Starting a business is no easy feat. Even deciding to quit your day job and venture into building a start up company is both scary and exciting.

There a lot of questions that you must face.

  • Are you going to start a part-time or full-time online business?
  • Are you going to stick to bricks-and-mortar shops?
  • What are your income goals and needs?
  • Are you going to run a product-based or service-based company?

But the biggest question would be what business niche are you going to pursue?

This is because not every niche will prove profitable or will provide you the money, autonomy, and predictability that you need to become one of the successful entrepreneurs.

Top Niches for an Online Business

Travel consultancy

If you have the passion for traveling, this could be the platform to start a lucrative business. The crazier, more passionate, and more nomadic you are the better. People are looking for someone to organize authentic and memorable trips, and you can be that service provider. So, consider a start up in the travel industry, if you have what it takes.

Baked goods

Baking is one of those businesses that continue to grow and innovate. There’s still one more room for you. It is best to have both the passion and skills to bake and run the business. But you can also make it work as the mind behind the business instead of the baker and entrepreneur.

Wedding planner

To succeed in this business, you need to have project management skills and an exceptional eye for details. Your clients would expect you to have gorgeous bouquet ideas, table arrangements, game packages, and other information that clients would need from a consulting service provider for weddings.

Handmade goods shop

What is great about this type of online business is that you can keep capital and overheads to a minimum. This is especially true if you don’t open a storefront and just rely on an online business website to sell your goods. As a start up, you can rely on e-commerce websites to start selling and then create your own website once your company grows.

Private chef

If you have a passion for cooking, you can turn this into a business venture by setting up a catering company. You can start with your local market and market your business online.

Social media manager

Offer your services to entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to manage their social networks. With social media a crucial part of any online business, offering your services as a social manager would prove profitable.

Remote sales team

In the digital era, outsourcing services to the right people will help businesses cut costs on labor. You can be the supplier of remote workers to businesses that need them.

Sell professional photos

Websites and blogs need photos for their online platform. Set up a stock photo library and make money from the pictures you take. This venture is highly recommended for professional photographers.

Investment advisor

With experience in investing, investment analysis, hedge fund, and the like, you can start a company where you can help people create a robust investment portfolio. Your investment advice will be your golden ticket to a successful entrepreneurship.

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